iovera° has been studied in people who have osteoarthritis (OA) pain in the knee, and in those who have had knee replacement surgery. In both cases, it has been shown to provide immediate and long-lasting pain relief. Keep reading to see the study results.


Treatment results:
OA knee pain

iovera° provides immediate and long-lasting relief
from OA knee pain. In one study:

pain relief icon


of patients reported
continued pain relief

90 days

after iovera° treatment

less stiffness icon

Patients continued to
have reduced stiffness at

30 Days

and improved ability to
complete routine tasks at

90 Days

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knee replacement

Treatment results:
Knee replacement surgery

iovera° can be used prior to your scheduled surgery to help relieve pain and make recovery easier. Studies have looked at the different ways iovera° can help. Check out the results below.

fast track

Fast-track pain relief with iovera°

In a study of patients undergoing inpatient knee replacement surgery, those treated with iovera° were more likely to have less pain 2 weeks after surgery

Get back on the move with iovera°

Pain isn’t the only reason people consider surgery. You and your doctor may have discussed
range of motion—this refers to how far you can move or stretch your knee—and flexion,
which refers to your ability to bend and straighten your knee.

One study looked at how iovera° can help with both range of motion and flexion in patients who used iovera° as part of their knee replacement surgery recovery plan. It found:

iovera doctor holding

2, 6, and 12 weeks after surgery

Patients who received iovera° as part of
their recovery plan had:

  • Greater range of motion
  • Less difficulty straightening their bent knee
  • Less difficulty bending their straight knee

6 weeks after surgery

20% of patients
greater than


On average, patients achieved

108° flexion

knee flexion

Pain management with iovera° after surgery

If you’re talking with your doctor about knee replacement surgery, you have probably also discussed recovery. In fact, it might be one of the things you’re most worried about. One reason people worry about recovering from surgery is that pain medicine, such as opioids, may be used as part of the recovery plan.

Opioids can cause side effects such as nausea, constipation, and itching, which can be difficult to manage. They may also make it difficult for you to get mobile—which is vital to minimizing hospital stay and shortening your overall recovery. Some people can also become dependent on (or addicted to) opioids. Taking fewer opioids may help reduce your risk of having an opioid-related side effect, including addiction.

Studies have looked at how iovera° can help reduce opioid use after knee replacement surgery. They found:



needed at 12 weeks
after surgery



consumed during hospital stay
after surgery

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iovera° applies freezing cold to peripheral nerve tissue to block and/or relieve pain for up to 90 days. It should not be used to treat central nervous system tissue.

Important Safety Information

The iovera° system should not be used in people with the following conditions:

  • Do not receive treatment with ioveraº if you experience hypersensitivity to cold or have open and/or infected wounds near the treatment site.
  • You may experience bruising, swelling, inflammation and/or redness, local pain and/or tenderness, and altered feeling at the site of application.
  • In treatment area(s), you may experience damage to the skin, skin darkening or lightening, and dimples in the skin.
  • You may experience a temporary loss of your ability to use your muscles normally outside of the treatment area.
  • Talk to your doctor before receiving treatment with ioveraº.
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The iovera° system is used to destroy tissue during surgical procedures by applying freezing cold. It can also be used to produce lesions in peripheral nervous tissue by the application of cold to the selected site for the blocking of pain.

Important Safety Information