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Below, people discuss how iovera° helped them manage pain related to total knee replacement surgery or osteoarthritis.


Mary Lou “If the kids were doing any kind of activities, I usually couldn’t participate because I was afraid of falling and not being able to get up.”


John “Eventually all that work took a toll on my body, especially in my knees. They kept getting progressively worse.”


Paula “That was the hard part, feeling like I had lost a piece of my life because of my limitations. I was willing to try anything that would give me some relief.”


Patients Discuss Their Firsthand Experience With iovera° Clint, Pat, and Bobby are all actual patients at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital in Tulsa.


Pat & Bobby “The pain was uncontrollable.” -Pat “My knees had been bad since I was in my late 40s.” -Bobby


Clint “I was an avid golfer. I used to play almost every day for years. That’s probably what caused the wear and tear on my knee.”


Rick “It’s important at my age to have an active lifestyle.”


Molly “My pain was getting so bad.”

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iovera° applies freezing cold to peripheral nerve tissue to block and/or relieve pain for up to 90 days. It should not be used to treat central nervous system tissue.

Important Safety Information

The iovera° system should not be used in people with the following conditions:

  • Do not receive treatment with ioveraº if you experience hypersensitivity to cold or have open and/or infected wounds near the treatment site.
  • You may experience bruising, swelling, inflammation and/or redness, local pain and/or tenderness, and altered feeling at the site of application.
  • In treatment area(s), you may experience damage to the skin, skin darkening or lightening, and dimples in the skin.
  • You may experience a temporary loss of your ability to use your muscles normally outside of the treatment area.
  • Talk to your doctor before receiving treatment with ioveraº.
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The iovera° system is used to destroy tissue during surgical procedures by applying freezing cold. It can also be used to produce lesions in peripheral nervous tissue by the application of cold to the selected site for the blocking of pain.

Important Safety Information