See the real-life outcomes that patients experienced with iovera°

rick stories


"A year ago I started having arthritic pains in my knees, and it limited my walking ability severely. . . . I've had surgery on my left knee, and in a week I'm having a total knee replacement on my right knee. . . . When I first heard about iovera° it was a new idea to me . . . [Because of Dr Barrett's] description of it and how it's used, and my own internet research, I felt it would be advantageous. . . . I'm looking forward to a complete recovery and going back to an active lifestyle. I feel confident we'll be hitting the road again and getting back to our previous life."

David stories


David was all too familiar with knee pain, having had a previous knee surgery without iovera°. Watch as he recounts the difference between his first experience and his experience with iovera°!

Molly stories


After struggling with knee pain for 15 years, Molly was open to new treatments recommended by her doctor. After the iovera° treatment, she was able to get off the table and squat down, which she had not been able to do for years.

Glenda stories


Glenda had been suffering from chronic knee pain, which limited her ability to work. Watch her transformation as she comes in for treatment with crutches and—after treatment with iovera°—leaves without.

IndicationThe iovera° system is used to destroy tissue during surgical procedures by applying freezing cold. It can also be used to produce lesions in peripheral nervous tissue by the application of cold to the selected site for the blocking of pain. It is also indicated for the relief of pain and symptoms associated with osteoarthritis of the knee for up to 90 days. The iovera° system is not indicated for treatment of central nervous system tissue. The iovera° system’s “1x90” Smart Tip configuration (indicating one needle which is 90 mm long) can also facilitate target nerve location by conducting electrical nerve stimulation from a separate nerve stimulator.

Important Safety InformationThe iovera° system should not be used in people with the following conditions:

  • Blood that thickens when patient is exposed to cold (cryoglobulinemia), blood appearing in the urine when patient is exposed to the cold (paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria), skin rash that appears when patient is exposed to the cold (cold urticaria), narrowing of the blood vessels in the hands and feet when patient is exposed to the cold (Raynaud’s disease), and open and/or infected wounds at or near the treatment site

Patients being treated with the iovera° system (a needle-based therapy) may experience certain reactions, including, but not limited to:

  • Bruising, swelling, inflammation and/or redness, local pain and/or tenderness, and altered feeling at the site of application

Proper use of the device as described in the User Guide can help reduce or prevent the following reactions:

  • In the area(s) where you were treated: damage to the skin from being exposed to cold or heat, darkening or lightening of the skin, and dimples in the skin
  • Outside the area(s) where you were treated: muscles may not work or move normally