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iovera° is an innovative type of pain relief treatment known as cryoneurolysis (kri-o-nuh-rol-i-sis), or cold therapy. iovera° is safe and cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration to help you achieve pain relief related to osteoarthritis (OA) and knee replacement surgery. It is also an option for people who cannot have knee replacement surgery. Learn more about iovera°.

iovera° can also be used for pain management in the hip, shoulder, chest, foot and ankle, spine, and more.

Treatment with iovera° is pretty simple! After a local anesthetic is applied to your knee to minimize discomfort during the procedure, your doctor will insert the “Smart Tip” of the iovera° system into your skin. This process is repeated as needed until the targeted nerve is blocked. In total, this takes about 30 minutes. Here’s more on what to expect at your appointment.

No, iovera° treatment should not be painful. A topical numbing medication will be used on the treatment area to manage any potential discomfort. Some people describe feeling pressure or tugging during the iovera° treatment. Cold, warm, and tingling sensations are also normal, as well as some level of discomfort. Tell your doctor right away if you feel any pain during your treatment.

iovera° freezes the nerves that are sending pain signals to your brain. Your doctor is able to target the exact nerves that are causing your pain. This effect is not permanent. It lasts about 90 days. Learn more about how iovera° works.

No. The iovera° system uses nitrous oxide, which is not able to reach a temperature cold enough to permanently stop the nerve from signaling. The treatment can last up to 90 days, and patients are able to go back to their doctors to receive additional treatments as needed. Learn more here.

iovera° is an option for people who are experiencing osteoarthritis (OA) pain in the knee. It can also be given before or after knee replacement surgery to make recovery easier and less painful. Or iovera° can relieve your knee pain if you are not a candidate for knee surgery.

Ask your doctor about iovera° if you have tried other pain treatments for OA, or if you are discussing having knee replacement surgery. iovera° may also be an option for people who cannot have knee surgery. iovera° does not replace the need for knee surgery. Learn more about who may benefit from iovera°.

iovera° can block pain signals for up to 90 days.

Read more about how iovera° can help you.

Depending on the extent of your treatment, it should take about the usual time required for a doctor’s appointment–about 30 minutes.

Avoid exercise and/or strenuous activity for 2 to 5 days after your iovera° treatment. Ask your doctor for specific guidance on returning to normal activities and safe levels of exercise.

As with any surgical treatment that uses a needle and local anesthesia, certain reactions can occur. For iovera°, these may include (but are not limited to) bruising, swelling, inflammation and/or redness, local pain and/or tenderness, and altered feeling at the application site (the knee).

Side effects from iovera° usually resolve on their own. Ask your doctor if you have concerns about side effects.

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The cost of iovera° treatment depends on your insurance coverage. Medicare may help cover the costs of iovera° if your condition meets Medicare eligibility standards. You may also be eligible for the cash pay program.

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iovera° applies freezing cold to peripheral nerve tissue to block and/or relieve pain for up to 90 days. It should not be used to treat central nervous system tissue.

Important Safety Information

The iovera° system should not be used in people with the following conditions:

  • Do not receive treatment with ioveraº if you experience hypersensitivity to cold or have open and/or infected wounds near the treatment site.
  • You may experience bruising, swelling, inflammation and/or redness, local pain and/or tenderness, and altered feeling at the site of application.
  • In treatment area(s), you may experience damage to the skin, skin darkening or lightening, and dimples in the skin.
  • You may experience a temporary loss of your ability to use your muscles normally outside of the treatment area.
  • Talk to your doctor before receiving treatment with ioveraº.
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The iovera° system is used to destroy tissue during surgical procedures by applying freezing cold. It can also be used to produce lesions in peripheral nervous tissue by the application of cold to the selected site for the blocking of pain.

Important Safety Information