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What is the ioverao treatment?

The ioverao treatment uses the body's natural response to cold to immediately reduce pain without leaving anything behind. It precisely targets the source of your pain for immediate and lasting relief without the use of drugs or pharmaceuticals. The ioverao treatment is FDA cleared to block pain.

How does the ioverao treatment work?

The ioverao treatment works by applying targeted cold to a peripheral nerve which immediately prevents the nerve from sending pain signals. The effect of the cold on the nerve is temporary and does not cause permanent damage because it leaves the structural components of the nerve intact. The nerve is restored to function after several months.


Watch the full video for details on how the
Focused Cold Therapy™ delivery system works
and how it effectively, and immediately
reduces pain.


The ioverao treatment is a new way of using a safe and trusted technology, cryotherapy, that goes back to the 1950s. This technology harnesses the power of cold to safely deliver precise treatments to relieve pain. The ioverao system has revolutionized the delivery of cryotherapy because the Focused Cold Therapy™ delivery device enables doctors to deliver controlled doses of cold temperature to immediately stop pain. The device uses liquid nitrous oxide that is contained within the device, and delivers it at very high speeds down a closed-end needle, where it undergoes a phase change. This process draws in heat energy from the surrounding tissue, creating a precise zone of cold to treat the intended nerve. The gaseous nitrous oxide is expelled out from the device, leaving nothing behind in the body. The effect on the nerve, called Wallerian Degeneration, is temporary and allows the nerve to regenerate.
The iovera┬░ system is intended to temporarily block pain at peripheral nerve sites. The treatment effect is immediate and lasts until the nerve has regenerated. In a single-arm, post-market clinical study of knee pain, 70% of patients reported an effect 56 days post-treatment. Common side effects include local pain, tenderness, swelling, bruising and tingling or numbness. Typically these reactions resolve with no physician intervention.